Remote Tax Filing

Accountants-BC Ltd. is pleased to provide a 100% remote tax filing service for Canadians during this public health crisis. File your tax return from the convenience and safety of your home. Our professional tax accountants will connect with you over the phone to complete your income tax return in an approved online secure service.

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Remote Tax Filing Services

Given the current spread of COVID-19, our firm is committed to doing our part to protect the community while continuing to serve our valued clientele. To achieve this end, we've adapted our income tax filing service to be 100% remote. There's no need to visit our office or meet with our accountants in person. Our licensed staff will connect with you via phone or other electronic means to help you complete and submit your taxes from the safety of your home.

Secure Remote Tax Preparation

Confidentiality and security are the backbones of our business. Our firm exclusively uses an approved online secured document transfer service to ensure your information is maximally protected from start to finish. For new clients, we will perform a phone verification step as an added safety measure.

Safe, secure, protected. Your personal information is in good hands with us.

Complete Tax Filing

In conjunction with Accountants-BC Ltd, our team provides a full range of tax filing and consulting services. Our accountants are experienced in preparing all types of returns, both corporate and personal. Whether you're an individual or an entrepreneur, at our firm, you'll find the specialized tax knowledge you need to file your return in full confidence.

Efficient Tax Return Filing

Thanks to our reliable online platforms, the speed of our tax filing services remains the same. In fact, since we've eliminated the need to travel to and from our office, it may even be faster than before.

We recognize that preparing and submitting your return, whether personal or professional, can be a stressful experience. Our company exists to take that burden off your shoulders. Our friendly staff will walk you through your return step-by-step for a stress-free, timely submission.

Beat the deadline. Contact our firm to get started today.

Experienced Tax Preparers

Minimize your tax obligations and maximize your return with the unparalleled expertise of our seasoned staff by your side. Our licensed accountants boast in-depth knowledge of Canadian tax law. Every year, we stay on top of changes and developments to make sure our clients are consistently getting the most from their return. We'll scour your file to maximize every deduction and credit available to you.

Consult with a Tax Expert Online

This year, prepare and file your tax return from your home office and your personal computer. Accountants-BC Ltd. is pleased to provide a fully secure and remote method to complete your income tax without leaving your home.

Drop us a line to get started today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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