Unpaid Back Taxes

Falling behind on your taxes is not uncommon, but when you need to get caught up, hiring a professional tax company can make a world of difference. Accountants-BC Ltd. is very proud to help individuals and business owners with unpaid back taxes and dealing with the CRA. We are here to support you, and you can trust us to have your back.

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Understanding the Importance of Paying Back Tax

While neglecting your taxes for a few months won't cost you too much, the tax debt will build up quickly, making the problem much more challenging to deal with as time goes on. If you are in a financial bind, it is imperative to get started before it's too late, and if you need guidance, our experts are happy to be of service. We can help you find out precisely how much you owe, whether you can afford tax installment payments, and what to do if not.

Though you may feel stuck, our experts want to assure you that you're not alone. We will work hard to get you out of a sticky situation so you can move forward confidently with your future.

Invest in Professional Help When it Comes to Unpaid Back Taxes

Though some business owners and individuals may hesitate at the thought of hiring a tax team when they're already in the middle of a financial issue, you could end up saving yourself money in hiring our experts.

The longer you leave your taxes unpaid and not dealt with, the more money you will owe. If you choose to get the ball rolling today, our experts can help you develop a strategy to allow you to start paying back your taxes without going broke. Our servicing fees will be minimal compared to the dough you could blow, neglecting your obligations.

If you have questions or concerns about our pricing, we're happy to provide you with a detailed estimate.

Trust Our Tax Experts

With years of extensive experience filing both personal and corporate taxes and dealing directly with the CRA, our team has what it takes to guide you through your tax challenges and prepare you for a more fruitful future. Not only will we help you develop a plan to get your debts paid off fast, but we can help you strategize for the future so that you won't find yourself in a similar situation a few years down the road.

If you are ready to take charge of your financial situation, meet your tax obligations and rid yourself of stressful debts, our team is by your side. We have helped dozens of individuals and businesses in the area deal with similar problems, and we're confident you'll find peace of mind when working with our expert team.

We invite you to book a consultation with our experts when you're ready to get started. 

Unpaid back taxes owed can cost Burnaby businesses big bucks

Tax penalties, interest, and additional levies imposed by the CRA for unpaid back taxes will steadily increase and should never be ignored. Burnaby taxpayers can turn to Accountants-BC Ltd. for information and guidance on all available settlement options, as well as highly competent CRA representation.

How can Accountants-BC Ltd. relieve the struggle of your tax debt?

Even if you have been dealing with the burden of unpaid back taxes for a lengthy period, Accountants-BC Ltd. will provide effective CRA representation, negotiate feasible tax penalty payment options, and reduce your tax debt whenever possible.

Some businesses or individuals may actually have the necessary funds at their disposal to write a sizeable check to resolve the problem of back taxes owed; while others cannot afford to pay their entire tax debt at once. In either case, to ensure that you are not paying more tax penalties than are actually required by law, consult Accountants-BC Ltd. tax specialists for an informed assessment. Our experts can secure equitable tax settlements that allow Burnaby individuals or business owners to overcome tax debt.

Consequences of postponing payment of unpaid back taxes

Outstanding tax debt rapidly swells to several times the original amount owed on your income tax return when payments are extensively delayed. Enlisting the help of Accountants-BC Ltd., Burnaby's tax experts, reduces penalties to circumvent further financial misfortune.

For reliable and prompt relief of all matters related to unpaid back taxes, visit our offices for a free and confidential assessment to learn more.

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